"Thank you for supporting Live Nice! I have been selling these t-shirts and hats for several years now to raise money for anti-bullying and positive youth organizations. During these unusual times, I have decided to use all of the proceeds from the sales to support local businesses and local families in need. My plan is to buy gift cards from local businesses and donate them to families - both who have been affected financially by COVID-19. If anyone has any suggestions of businesses and/or local families that could use some support, please let me know!


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Hi!  My name is Anna Maloney and I am a student at Haverford High School.  When I was young, my dad would always tell me about my grandad (in heaven).  He would say, "Grandad always said, 'Be nice!'"  To him, that was the most important thing.  Eventually, my dad would start asking, "What does Grandad always say?"  "Be Nice," I would reply.  "To who?"  "Everyone!"  "When?"  "Always!"

This continued often and after he asked me about a million times, finally, one day, I said, "Dad, how about I just LIVE nice?"  And, from then on I've tried to do that!  

When I was in third grade, I had an idea to share this message with my community, so I designed these t-shirts and all the money I raise goes to positive youth programs and anti-bullying organizations.  From the sale of shirts at my neighborhood yard sale, community festivals and through friends and family, I've already been able to donate to:

Additionally, over the past few years, Live Nice has also sponsored local kids to attend the DiverseCity Hoops and Betterball Camp in our area.  We've also donated gift cards and t-shirts to raise the spirits of bullying victims in our area.  In January 2017, Live Nice sponsored two Kindness/Anti-Bullying assemblies by Quiet Riot for students at Chestnutwold Elementary School.  
Thank you for your support!

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